Utah Center for Civic Improvement Affiliates With National Digital Inclusion Alliance

We are very pleased to announce our official affiliation with the National Digital Inclusion Alliance. We're excited to partner with them to advocate for home high-speed internet access, personal devices, and local technology adoption. We know that access to our increasingly digital world is the bedrock of prosperity for communities throughout Utah.

Digital_Inclusion.pngDigital Inclusion means empowering people through information and communication technologies. Our work includes sharing information and raising awareness related to public policy and community practices that promote digital inclusion. It is imperative that every community - rural and urban - have access to broadband internet, high-quality digital infrastructure, and the digital technologies that will define the next century. 

We recognize that in our modern world digital skills and accessibility are critical social determinants of health because they affect the ability of residents to meaningfully interact with economic and social opportunities in our community. Our work with neighborhood democracy initiatives focuses on preparing them to engage in evidence-informed practices that support digital inclusion efforts. 

Our new partnership will allow us to further meet the needs of our community and promote digital inclusion across the state. We look forward to the work ahead.