Top-Two Nonpartisan Primary System


We’re working to implement open primaries in Utah. We want to fundamentally change the traditional approach to primary elections. Under a traditional primary system, the purpose of the primary election is for political parties to choose which candidate best represents their interests. We believe that primaries should be different. Primary elections should be about narrowing the field of candidates field to the candidates who best represent all of us - regardless of the candidate or voter’s party affiliations.

Utah should adopt a nonpartisan Top-Two primary system. Under our plan instead of having separate primaries for each political party, there would be one single primary. All candidates, voters, and political parties participate on the same ballot, and the rules are the same for everyone.

Many of Utah’s elections are already conducted this way – traditionally at the city or county level. Enacting a Top-Two primary system for all of our elections would promote healthy, competitive elections that would give all voters a stronger voice and more choice at the ballot box. A Top-Two primary system – couple with ranked choice voting – would make Utah’s elections more competitive, more representative, and better for all Utahns.