Our Areas of Focus

Every Utahn deserves to live in an equitable, thriving, and healthy community. While our economic, geographic or social circumstances may differ, we all aspire to lead the best lives possible. We take on issues or systemic problems that strain the fabric of our society and undermine the strength of our communities. We work in three key areas that define our programming, services, and work. Each of the following priorities is much more than a feel-good statement - they are a way of life for us - we are working every day to ensure that the following values define our work.


Community_Image-01.pngConnected and unified communities lead to stronger, healthier, more prosperous lives for the people who live there. We know that neighborhoods thrive when there are strong systems and institutions within them. We believe in building the power and leadership of communities throughout Utah by creating connections and supporting civic participation by all residents. We believe community residents should have a decisive voice in shaping the future of their communities and their own lives and the ability to create local organizations through which they can work together to achieve common goal

We value the diversity within communities and their contributions. We know that residents are the best experts to consult when it comes to their communities’ needs, challenges, and opportunities. Our on the ground partnership with community groups informs our policy work, and our policy platforms mirror community needs. We're working to create inclusive communities where all people are welcomed regardless of their ethnicity, race, income, age or abilities. We seek to create a community development field that is reflective of the people we serve.

We know that our work begins in many different places depending on a community’s history and context but know that the key is to start.


democracy_image-01.pngWe value collaboration and believe that democracy must be a universally recognized ideal that we practice every day. No one person or organization can ever accomplish everything. We see our work as part of an ecosystem of organizations and individuals and prioritize projects and technologies that enable collaboration. We achieve this by inspiring, supporting, and recognizing inclusive approaches to community decision-making.

We understand that the structures and systems of our democracy are a reflection of our values as Utahns. We are dedicated to supporting the integrity of our democracy by giving voters greater choice and a stronger voice. We're working to strengthen our democracy - in partnership with Utahns across the ideological spectrum - by supporting the integrity of our political process, promoting democratic values, and strengthening our civic institutions.

When we think of voting, we think of the experience of individual voters and of the systems and institutions that serve them. We look beyond the short-term actions of parties and politicians. We know that the systems and institutions of our democracy shape the behavior of elected officials and voters. We must constantly improve the democratic systems and institutions to guarantee the health of our communities.

Civic Responsibility

responsibilityimage-01.pngWe know that when Utahns work together, we make it possible for our neighbors, communities, and country to move forward. We focus on responding to society’s most pressing needs by developing innovative, community-based solutions to empower every person to use their abilities, skills, and character to improve communities throughout the state. We are committed to inspiring a spirit of service by uniting people from every walk of life to engage in and work for positive community change.

There is no excuse for a breakdown in civility or rampant partisanship that threatens our ability to solve problems. We feel compelled to do our part to support a vision of civil discourse, healthy debate, and pragmatic problem solving that is necessary for the problems our communities face. We believe in the power of evidence to improve lives, promote equity, and strengthen communities.

To that end, we want to be both a catalyst for healthy change, as well as a resource for people to become informed and engaged residents. We recognize that communities require residents that care about their communities and put progress above polarization. We provide tools and services to help address a variety of critical issues that for far too long have been treated as partisan games. We believe that evidence-informed, community-led solutions are an important way to heal divisions, strengthen our democracy, and promote individual responsibility for our communities.