Eliminating Corruption


There is a growing disconnect between voters and elected officials. The blame lies with a campaign finance system that has made our elections completely dependent on money. Our current system allows a handful of wealthy special interests to dominate political funding while pricing most Utahns out. There is often very little transparency because shadowy nonprofits and political action committees (PACs) conceal donors’ identities from the public.

Utahns believe our democracy should be fair and transparent. We know it works best when we’re all given a fair chance to impact our government. We’re working to develop policies that ensure everyone has a fair chance to have their voice heard. We’re working with local communities and state leaders to craft and enact solutions that will bring balance to campaign funding and break down barriers that keep Utahns from fully participating in our democracy.

It is time to create a new system of small-donor public financing for our elections. Our proposal would provide matching funds for small donations from Utahns and give voters a far stronger voice in choosing our elected officials and holding them accountable. This, coupled with the structural reforms of ranked choice voting, top-two primaries, and improved transparency laws will empower our elected officials to come together and solve problems.