Democratic Participation


Each of us has a responsibility to our neighbors to participate in our democracy. Our participation is incredibly important to the success of our neighborhoods and communities. When we participate in civic institutions, we ensure and uphold the democratic values that define our character as a nation. Each of us is an important voice in our democracy and participation is a way for us to express our dynamism and individualism. 

The values that our participation reinforces include community, the rule of law, shared growth, self-restraint, and self-respect. Schools teach civic responsibility to students with the goal to produce responsible citizens and active participants in community and government.

We're working to engage Utahns in the institutions of our democracy. Our mobilization and turnout efforts are driven by evidence and ongoing research. We utilize this information to engage our neighbors, friends, and loved ones in the democratic processes that make our communities home. Participation - including voting - is an extremely important way of reinforcing our commitment to one another.