Our Story

Founded in 2018, the Utah Center for Civic Improvement (UCIV) works to promote civic values, civic inclusion, and the development of effective public policy. Our founders Turner C. Bitton and Tyler Clancy share a concern about record levels of distrust and skepticism of our civic institutions. They came together to create UCIV to provide credible news and authoritative information on key public policy issues affecting civic inclusion. UCIV aspires to be a trusted source of information on civic affairs and public policy that adheres to media literacy guidelines. 

Brought together by a shared loved of public service and leadership, Turner and Tyler created an organization that works hard to motivate conversations, mitigate polarization, and combat misinformation. Our vision is to contribute to and foster a vibrant democracy through education and civic inclusion.   

We believe that innovation is the core of effective public policy. When civic inclusion and effective public policy combine, solutions are created that deliver results for all of us. That’s why we partner with Utahns across the ideological spectrum to utilize evidence and deliberative processes to solve multi-dimensional problems. We seek to inspire others to take action every day to improve and strengthen our community. 

There are simple, common-sense ways to strengthen our democracy and ensure that all voices are included in civic life. Let’s work together to address barriers to civic engagement and reinforce the importance of civic values. 

Together, we will make our democracy work better for all of us.


We work to promote civic values and civic inclusion.


Turner C. Bitton

A native Utahn, Turner fell in love with public service at a very young age. Turner’s life is defined by a commitment to the people around him, and he spends his time in service to his community. Driven by a deep sense of compassion and justice, Turner believes in the power of bringing people together to solve complex problems. He is recognized as a leader and serves on the board of directors of over a dozen nonprofit organizations as well as in appointed positions in local and state government.

Turner has a certificate in public policy design from the Harvard Kennedy School and attended Arizona State University for a BS in Political Science. An unapologetic conversationalist, it is likely you’ll strike up a conversation with him that will last too long and make you late for your next appointment.

Tyler Clancy

Tyler Clancy is a Provo resident with a passion for people. He has been involved in the community from a young age, working on several campaigns and volunteer initiatives on the local, state, and federal levels. He is currently finishing his Bachelor's Degree at Brigham Young University - majoring in Family Life with a minor in Civic Engagement Leadership. Besides being the former President of the BYU Republicans, he is the Team Captain for the BYU Men's lacrosse team and Editor-In-Chief for the school's political review.

While at BYU, he has also served on the Student Council for the College of Family Home and Social Sciences, the Student Executive Council for the American Enterprise Institute & the Young Emerging Leaders Council for the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Tyler is committed to standing up for Utahns on the margins and believes that UCIV will be able to be a great asset to families across the state by making the government more effective and inclusive.