Welcome to the Utah Center for Civic Improvement

Civic life happens wherever there are people and we work to promote the responsibility of every Utahn to engage in civic affairs. Communities with robust civic inclusion efforts - where everyone has a place at the table to define, direct and implement public services and amenities - are more equitable, have more civic pride and exhibit stronger relationships between neighbors.

We believe that discerning and informed neighbors are the foundation of democracy. We further believe that now is the time for a new social contract between neighbors and with our civic institutions. We call on all of our neighbors to embrace these civic values: 

  1. Be informed and engaged in the affairs of our community.

  2. Build community by supporting our neighbors. 

  3. Be a good steward of our natural and shared resources. 

  4. Embrace the aspirational values of our country including civic pluralism.

  5. Engage in thoughtful and civil discourse with others.

We know that government and civic institutions cannot solve community issues on their own. Neighbors working alongside one another and leveraging the strength of neighborhoods are the foundation of all effective solutions to community problems. Building stronger neighborhoods, cities, states and our nation is a joint endeavor. Great communities have at their core, strong, inclusive, civic inclusion practices that capitalize on the ideas and talents of all members of the community to ensure the common good and create lasting health and prosperity for all.